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Friday, August 11, 2017

Someone's Paesano's Shrimp

A neighbor and friend raves about the Shrimp Paesano in San Antonio and laments that it is so far from Cochiti Lake. I decided to attempt the dish for him and found a number of recipes on line. I'll just say that it is not a fun recipe...it takes real precise timing to get the shrimp cooked but not over cooked while preparing the sauce and having the pasta done and ready to serve. And if you are on cholesterol medication, double the dose before consuming this dish. Two sticks of butter for four people! More than I generally use in a month.

Because this is not MY recipe, I'll just give the links to recipe variations.  http://www.grouprecipes.com/94879/shrimp-paesano.html

Note that in the video, the cook does not use egg yolk in the sauce; the other recipes do. I tried it with the egg yolk.

Antipasto was breaded zucchini and pizza squares.

 Sautéing the shrimp that have been soaked in half-and-half and dredged in flour.
 Melting the butter into the lemon juice and egg yolk.
 Keep the shrimp hot under the broiler - but not too long.
 Served over capellini (angel hair) pasta

Forgot to get pictures of dessert which was fruit - lightly sugared strawberries with kiwi fruit and cantaloupe and lazy chef cannoli: broken waffle-style ice cream cones to dip in sweetened ricotta cheese with a dash of vanilla and generously sprinkled with mini-chocolate chips and topped with lemon zest.

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