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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Another Variation On The Classic Carbonara (With Asparagus, Eggs and Pancetta)

I've done Carbonara before with step-by-step photos.  (Click on the Link)

Here is another variation - this time, instead of adding mushrooms (which is not the Classic Recipe either - the classic is just olive oil, pancetta and eggs and black pepper) I've added asparagus which is in the markets now, thanks to springtime in South America, I presume.

Asparagus is a perfect companion to eggs and "bacon" - in this case, pancetta.

I sautéed the garlic and the diced pancetta.

(DO NOT USE BACON!!!! Nothing imparts the saltiness and taste of real pancetta and smoked bacon is just nasty in this dish)

Then I added the asparagus which I had cut into about one-inch pieces and let them cook "al dente" - no mushy asparagus here.

I had prepped the eggs, beaten them well with black pepper and had the pot of water boiling with the pasta. Use spaghetti, linguini, white or whole wheat, even fettuccine. Work quickly to get all the ingredients ready at the same time. Drain the pasta and toss immediately into the beaten eggs. Add in the asparagus and pancetta garlic sauce.

Sprinkle on grated Romano or Parmigiano cheese.

Dinner was ready! And so were we!

I cooked almost a pound of linguini and Leon and I ate ALMOST the whole bowl. Benni had the rest.

Carbonara is perhaps my favorite pasta dish next to traditional tomato sauce with meatballs, sausage and pork.


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Davis said...

I have made Carbonara with pancetta many times but have yet to try guanciale which I am told is more authentic and a bit stronger. I love the idea of adding asparagus.